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Tim Signore

UX Designer

From new products to new processes, our UX Designer, Tim, loves innovating and finding new ways of doing things. He tells us about his LV= General Insurance (LV= GI)  journey so far and why our digital team is such an exciting place to be. 

Changing the paradigm of what people think of insurance

I’ve been working in the LV= GI business for two and a half years now. Here, there’s always opportunity and you’re continuously learning and improving. There’s an on-going challenge in digital as we're trying to future-proof the company for the next 10 or 20 years. So, we’re innovating and changing the paradigm of what people think of insurance and how they interact with it, which is really exciting. 

UX Explained

Any digital solution has to balance customer needs with business goals and technical constraints. So, as a UX Designer I advocate on behalf of the customer, always trying to make life as easy and frictionless as possible for anyone using our website.

Essentially, it’s our job to make customers’ lives easier. And it's an explicit goal of ours to always put the customer first – we've even written it into our team’s manifesto. 

Work that keeps you on your toes

We’re almost configured like an agency within the company. I’ve worked for agencies in the past and I like that you never quite know what you’re going to be working on when you get into work – it certainly keeps you on your toes. I’ve always been attracted to disciplines that sit at the intersection of creative and technical. With this work, I have the creativity in terms of framing the designs and psychology also comes into it a lot. But, there’s also the coding and techy part of it which I enjoy too. I find it’s a good hybrid of the two sides.

There’s a real focus on empowering us as individuals 

At LV= GI, there’s a real focus on empowering us as individuals to be responsible for our own jobs and our own career progression. There's a lot of emphasis placed on giving us the tools to do that, too. There's budget for attending conferences and educational courses, and we've just had LinkedIn Learning opened up to all of us, which is a great tool. We’re always looking at ways to expand our skills and knowledge, and right now we’re inviting thought leaders in the UX arena to come in and work with us which is quite inspiring. 

The social side of things

  • Sometimes we have impromptu drinks after team events. They’re always really good as you get to know people that you don’t normally work with. 
  • We also have one charity day every year – we’ve picked up litter on the beach and we decorated a home for people with disabilities last year. It’s great to give something back to the community but it’s also great to get to know your team in a different way. 
  • The marketing department also do a beach party every year which is pretty legendary! 

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