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Nikolina Glamocliia

Head of Digital Strategy and Propositions

Our Head of Digital Strategy and Propositions, Nikolina, is shaking up our digital space and future-proofing our products and services.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Since I joined LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) a year ago, I’ve built a whole team dedicated to creating new customer-led digital-first propositions, products and services. We’re constantly looking to diversify our thinking, so we can adjust to the ever-evolving needs of the customer and bring the insurance industry into the digital age. It’s down to me and my team to look at our digital proposition, compared to other digital leaders outside of our industry, who shape our customers wants and needs. User demands are changing constantly, and I need to make sure we’re ready for whatever’s next. So, I’ve been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent LV= GI in the digital space. It's been exciting to take on this incredible challenge! 

Creating customer-centric solutions

The customer is absolutely central to the development of new digital products and services. On a daily basis, I look at our existing customer pain points, defining what areas we can improve on and identifying potential gaps. Together with my team, we will also look at emerging technology trends and how they will shape consumer needs, wants and behaviour going forward to identify opportunities for innovation and commercial growth. I’ll then work with the rest of the organisation to explore how can we bring those changes to the market. 

Collaborating across the business

I always like to work with people who have different views and experiences to me. That’s why I bring in people from across the business when I create project teams – just like a start-up. It means there’s never a lack of ideas. The challenge then comes when choosing which ideas we want to invest in, because we have to do a lot of research to test them and bring them to life. So I'm trying to run very fast-paced agile, flexible experiments. Typically, we spend six to eight weeks creating and testing something from concept and initial idea, using design sprints and fast prototyping, to then get some validation from our customer base. From here, we can decide whether to roll the concept out or not. 

A week in the life of Nikolina

Monday - Met with the strategy team to discuss some new propositions we're going to be working on, followed by roadmap planning. 

Tuesday - Travelled to Bournemouth and took part in a workshop with people from different functions, where we looked at how can we improve customer experience and address any potential friction points.

Wednesday - Attended a Market Insights forum, learning about behavioural economics; understanding consumer and customer behaviours and motivations is key to driving all the propositions I'm putting forward. 

Thursday - Sprint demo for one of the propositions we are working on looking at the development progress and work completed to date, and getting feedback from the key stakeholders.

Friday - Met with various start-ups. We had a theory meeting about one of the elements I'm working on, discussing what impact it’ll have on consumer behaviour. From open banking to the internet of things and connected living, we also explored how technological advancements apply to our business model and what it means for consumers. A day very well spent.

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