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Kenneth Abina Lambert

Customer Representative

Contact Centre Representative, Kenneth, tells us how he’s helped shape the way we interact with our customers and shares his plans for the future.

Making our customers smile 

I joined the LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) business 18 months ago and it's been a very interesting and exciting journey so far. As a Contact Centre Representative, I speak to our customers about all things insurance. The thing I enjoy most about my role is being able to put a smile on somebody's face. Insurance can be a bit complex, and it can be hard to fully understand how it operates, so to be able to take that headache away from our customers is really satisfying. 

Progression aplenty

You can be yourself at LV= GI. There’s a diverse range of cultures and personalities here, and everybody is accepted for who they are. There’s constant movement and so many opportunities available to progress. A lot of people start on the phones, but once you understand how the business operates, there’s always opportunity to grow because we’re constantly creating new roles. I have a Human Resources degree so I’m looking to move into the HR department and the business is supporting me to make that transition which is fantastic. 

The importance of wellbeing at work

LV= GI believes employee wellbeing is part of the route to customer satisfaction, so it’s really raising awareness about mental health and wellbeing across the business. We have a wellbeing room in the Bournemouth office where you can go and speak to somebody in private about any issues affecting you, personal or work-related. Everything you say is confidential and if you’re having a particularly stressful day you can go there and just take some time out to relax and decompress. And that’s all within the company's time – nobody's asking you for the time back. 

Improving customer interactions

Customer satisfaction is key to LV= GI, so we’re constantly reviewing the way we handle our customer interactions to improve our services. There’s an open-door policy, so if you have any ideas for improvements, the management team is always keen to hear them. Last year I was part of the team that overhauled how we approach our calls, the sign off and the tone of them to make them more conversational and friendly. We also introduced call popping, where if a customer calls from the mobile or landline number linked to their policy, the system will bring up their policy details so you’re able to get on with helping them straight away. It was an exciting project to be part of, as we were able to make a real impact and change the way we interact with our customers. It’s cut down our call time, we get to speak to more customers, and the conversation is much more relaxed – all of which leads to happier customers.

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