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Hayley Soper

Customer Services Manager

Our Customer Services Manager, Hayley Soper, enjoys nothing more than working with her tight-knit team to deliver the best service to our customers. She tells us all about her role and why she loves coming to work every day.

“I get real pleasure from helping others be the best version of themselves”

If you want the opportunity to own your development and drive your success, LV= is the place to be. I originally joined for a three-month position as a Help Desk Agent. Fast forward to 2021 and I’ve been here for 18 years. I’ve worked in a few roles during this time and am currently on secondment, working as a Customer Service Manager in the New Business department. From building strong personal development plans to understanding the direction they see their career progressing in, I support our Team Managers to help them find opportunities to grow. I get real pleasure from helping others be the best version of themselves. 

My main responsibilities

•    Managing 11 Team Managers and around 100 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) with my colleague, Emma.
•    Developing our Team Managers and supporting them on their journey.
•    Making sure we’re delivering the best service possible to our customers. 

My favourite memory of working in LV= 

When I got my ten-year recognition award. I was able to take my whole team out for a really lovely meal and cocktails which was great fun. 

“We want to give back to our people”

We want to give back to our people. That involves understanding where they want to go and then investing in them with training and development plans. We've offered all of our CSRs the opportunity to complete their Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) exam with us so they can be part of our future. We've also invested a lot of time in our more inexperienced team members and have really seen them grow in their confidence and their ability, their decision-making and thought process. Three team members have now moved into other areas of the business to share their skills and support other employees to achieve their goals, which is amazing to see.

“It feels like family”

We're a really close-knit team. People speak openly and honestly to me, share their concerns and anything that’s on their mind. We encourage everyone to be themselves. Having a diverse workforce means we get different opinions and this helps us make better decisions. For me it's all about the people and the culture that we've got here. That's why I get up and come to work every day – because I care about the people I work with. We’re all here, we all believe in what we're doing, and it feels like family.

Attributes you need to succeed in our Life and Pensions business

Resilience, Authenticity and Collaboration. 

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